Strange Zubax compass behavior

Hello friends,

I’m a bit stumped. I’ve been able to do a successful compass calibration with the external compass on my zubax gnss, and an internal compass on the cube. I have the compass_typemask set to 0. I have compass 3 set to external and main. The problem is the zubax compass only seems to initialize from a “cold” start (after the drone has been sitting unpowered for at least an hour or so). For instance, when I got to the office today and plugged the drone in the zubax compass initialized properly, and didn’t give the “bad compass health” warning. I was able to do a test arm on the back porch without issue. We took it to the nearby field to fly it, and it gave the “bad compass health” warning. I know that the zubax compass is not initializing because it doesn’t display any progress for compass 3 during a compass calibration. When I disable compass 3 and change the primary compass to 1 (internal cube compass) it arms and flies. Any idea what might cause this behavior? I’m currently running the latest master (3.7) on the cube. Thanks for any suggestions!