Strange throttle behauvior in cruise modes

Hi all, I am having problems with my plane for several weeks already, the plane flights great in stabilized modes (FBWA & Autotune) but when toggling to Loiter/RTH/Cruise (all the modes with throttle control) the plane goes mad when rolling. It starts throtling to 100%, and loses roll authority.
Here you can download the *.log, *.param and *.tlog of today’s flight, where only manual and cruise modes were tested, but other flight modes where tested weeks ago, showing the same issue during loiter mode, and flying normally in FBWA.

Please give me a hand with this, I’m going crazy trying to make this amazing plane fly properly!

This is interesting. A few questions:

  • why do you say it loses roll authority?
  • Do you have an airspeed sensor?
  • What is your cruise airspeed set to?
  • What is your max roll angle?

Your wetransfer files have expired so I can’t see your logs.

I can confirme, that in Loiter Mode is an issue with autothrottle.
I tried to descend in Loiter. So I pushed the Pitch Stick. (Stick Mixing enabled)
The wing descend but at the same time throttle an speed increased. Throttle until THR_MAX (75%)
and Speed up to 70 kmh.
Then I pulled the Throttle stick to reduce Throttle without success.
When the sticks are released, it climbed at the altitude bevore this manoever.
I did not test this when climbing, may be even wors.
In FBWB the same control of the altitude works perfect.
It happens on the second Loiter (6 min)