Strange pitch roll glitches after yaw autotune

Did an autotune on yaw this afternoon and it completed without issues (previously i had done pitch and roll autotune without any prob). Problem is that now if i apply yaw on rotation stop it glitches on roll and pitch in a diagonal movement.
It can be clearly seen in the attached log at time 465.8s - 468.3s - 470s. If you look at pitch and roll against desired roll and pitch the glitches can be seen right in the moment the aircraft stops the yaw movement.

25KG Auw
Hobbywing X8 motor+esc combo
30" Blades
12 S
AC 3.6.8


Motor 1 might be the cause of the glitch you’re seeing.

Motor 1 seems to working quite a bit less than the other 3.
When you yaw, to stop the yaw the FC has to shut Motor down momentarily.
I would check on why you have motor 1 working less than the other 3 as a primary.
Is the copter balanced?
Are the motors level?
The usual stuff.

Already checked usual suspects, motor aligned and weight balanced.
Have no idea why motor 1 goes down so much.
Thanks for your analisys.