Strange Optical Flow random oscillations?

Hey friends,

I have a build that is tuned up and flies really nicely. I’m running into a very strange intermittent issue. At the end of this log it started oscillating between motors B and D (the clockwise motors) so badly that it sensed a crash and landed. I can’t see much from the log, but I’m still learning. Any help is much appreciated!

It looks to me like the battery voltage dropped to low. The battery monitor is reporting the voltage fell from 22.5V down to 15.5 which is very low for a 4S. Looks like the battery failsafe isn’t set-up.

By the way, I may have mentioned it before but I think it’s best to stick with EKF2 unless there’s a specific reason to use EKF3 (for example if using the Beacons).

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Thanks for taking a look at the log! I’ll switch back to EKF2. I’m not using beacons.