Straight Lines success/problems?

I’m considering using Rover software but seems people are having problems driving in a straight line. I’d like to hear from people about the issue. Who has success and those that had the problem but fixed. How did they do it.

Properly tuned, particularly with electric motors or a drive scheme with a linear response, Rover 4.2.3 will perform quite well. In a hopefully near future release, a new position controller for navigation promises potentially better performance, but it needs a little polish before I can recommend updating past 4.2.3.

The real key is to follow the tuning instructions meticulously. Those who struggle often skip steps or ignore important notes along the way. It’s probably also important to recognize that those who achieve success are likely to be less vocal here, while those who struggle populate the forum with more content.

If your vehicle is sluggish in response or has non-linear response in the drive system (like servo-driven hydrostatic transaxles can be), expect to spend significant time tweaking things, but the results can be still be quite impressive.

Which Pixhawk or compatible would you recommend using 4.3.2 and beyond?

Get “Pixhawk” out of your lexicon. It’s a confusing term and means nearly nothing after rampant misuse and third party mis-branding.

Find an H7 based autopilot on this list that suits your budget and supports whatever sensors you want to use.

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Thanks for the advice and your patience. I’m coming from zero knowledge about autonomous rovers but I’m eager to learn!