Storm32 special settings

Dear Friends. I am experimenting with my Gimbal Storm32 board v1.30 F103RC, firmware v0.96. I need to lower the speed of the YAW engine. It is to perform TimeLapse. I must move it at 0.05 ° per second. Is this possible? Can it be done through a script? I will appreciate response. Greetings from Argentina.

OlliW may not see your question here. This following site has a lot of support for Storm32:

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Thank you very much for your prompt response. I will consult OlliW privately. I appreciate your link. Greetings.

I’ve changed the category to ArduCopter. The category was set as “Blog” so it was appearing on the front page of

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Thank you very much. Many apologies for the error. I do not know clearly how the forum works.