STorm32 gimbal controller acting up

I’ve had a STorm32 for quite some time and it has been flawless until recently.

The issue appears to be related to ArduCopter 3.6.9.

Prior to upgrading my Pixhawk to AC3.6.9 I could power up my aircraft, the gimbal would go through its startup routine and I had control gimbal yaw and pitch from my Taranis.

I was doing some flight testing yesterday and discovered that not only did I not have control for the gimbal, the gimbal was in “spaz mode” in roll, pitch and yaw. I landed and put the aircraft on the bench.

Testing with a fresh battery every thing seemed normal but I still did not have control via Taranis. On a hunch I connected the Pixhawk to Mission Planner and using the Actions Tab > Set Mount, I set the mount to RC Targeting and viola, I had control of the gimbal…

Next I set the mount to MavLink Targeting that that worked too.

So my question is, What gives? Is this by design? If it is, its actually a step backwards.

I speak for my basecam trough mavlink, in rc targeting i control it trough my tx, in mavlink targeting it works in “point camera here” mode. Right click on the map and click on point camera here while in mavlink targeting and it shoud point there and keep it regardless of the drone moving.

Thanks for the reply.

I know how RC Targeting and MavLink Targeting are supposed to work.

The “problem” is previously I had to do NOTHING to have RC Targeting control immediately after the STorm32 controller completed its bootup and initialization.

As it stands now to get RC Targeting I must connect Pixhawk to Mission Planner and manually set the controller to RC Targeting.

I found a “fix” Go into Full Parameter list. Search for MNT. Set MNT_DEFLT_MODE = 3 (RC TARGETING) and click Write Params.

Now the mount will startup in RC Targeting and you will have control from your radio.