Steering servo not moving as supposed


This is my first attempt for rover with ardurover 2.8 using a cheap crawler. I found a normal rc motor steering style at front at rover so I replaced with Professional SG90 SG90 9g Micro Servo
I followed all the instructions on the documentation. Now able to move rover forward and reverse using radio. Also the servo moves both sides but very slowly and not immediately.
I am for temp use, using my quad battery (3300mah) 11.1v. with UBEC 5v output to both servo and esc to motors. APM is getting current from esc. Looks everything is working fine but servo looks sick and slow. its a new servo hooked to pin 1 on apm and wheel motors on pin 3.
I also want to move my steering servo control on radio to left stick which is on right stick. I selected mode 2.

Please help me as I finished it soon.



If you connect the servo directly to your receiver does the servo still move slowly? Trying to figure out if the issue is related to ArduPilot or not.

Also a log file is always helpful.

Thanks, Grant.

Yes I tried with receiver and same behavior. Its not done so how a log was