Stay in hover, use a switch stick to resume the mission


I am trying to create a mission to establish waypoints as points of view. The idea is: the copter reaches a waypoint and maintains the hover mode until I switch some stick in order to continue to the next point of view (resume the mission), and so on. Some idea how can integrate a “switch stick” to my mission.

thank you

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If your flight controller supports Lua scripting, it wouldn’t be tough to script this behavior.

Why not just use a switch between Auto and loiter mode?
You fly in auto and with a small delay at desired WPS , then you change it n loiter mode for as long as you wish. After that resume auto with a flick if the switch.

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I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. It’s clearly the simplest solution!

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I never used [Lua scripting], but I will investigate that…I think will be very useful for many needs…

thank you very much…Yuri

…allways the simply way is the best way…I think your solution is more than enough…many thanks Dimitris.

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