Standard Parameter File to Eliminate Repetitive Tuning

I want to make multiple drones of same configuration (design, components, firmware etc). As of now, each one we build requires tuning to be done individually. Is it possible to standardize the parameter file and use it for all subsequent drones we build to reduce the time spent in tuning each vehicle.

@rmackay9 @tridge and everyone out there.

It is possible!
Tune the first build fully and completely - check with people here if you have any doubts or want something checked.
In the full parameter list you can save the parameters to a file.
Edit with an ordinary text editor and delete all the special params (read-only or calibration) leaving just those related to your default, safety and tuning settings.

On subsequent builds do the mandatory calibrations (because they are individual to each flight controller and compass) then you can load a cut-down set of parameters from the first build.

You can even go a step further if you are doing a lot of these, and create your own firmware load with a whole lot of default parameters.