Stable Power Supply 5V-5A for Raspberry Pi on your Drone

Make your Companion Computer more stable, not suddenly reset by fluctuating power supply in fly time, reduce noise by the devices like ESC, motor, servo…

Stable Power Module

Stable Power Module is professionally designed with power IC 5V-5A to provide stable power for Companion computer as well as peripheral devices. It also has a built-in Serial port for connecting Companion computer and flight control. All connector in Stable Power Module is standard (JST GH and Molex Clik-Mate)

Technical detail

Weight: 21gram
Dimensions: 60 x 35 x 15 mm
Power Input: 7 to 36V power input (CLIK MATE 2.00mm)
Power Out: 5V/5A for

  • Rasp Pi (Jump 2.54mm)
  • Cooling fan, Peripherals (CLIK MATE 2.00mm)
    Features: * Serial port (JST-GH)
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Resist fluctuated, noise of electric power
  • Green Led Indicator Power
    Compatible: * Compatible with all companion computer which have Rasp Pi pinout (2x20 2.54mm)
  • All Raspberry Pi models

Thats expensive for a simple 5A power module.

I usually can get good reliable and smaller ones from eBay under $7

So is there any specific claim to fame for this module other than it takes up your slot on the Pi?

I think it’s professional, stable, and standard of drone code connector and wiring!

($7 Ubec for only power (not high quality than me), you need diy usb cable for supply power rasp pi and cable for connecting pixhawk to pi )

Does this also support the Intel UpBoard?

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yes, Intel UpBoard have 40 pinout which same Raspberry Pi. So I think my stable power module is compatible with UpBoard. and my power is 5A-5V, it’s strong and stable for upboard.

Can it be used with GPIO PassTrought and a RPi hat like Navio2 or else?

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yes, stable power have option “no header” and you could soldering pass Thought header.

May I ask which power chip are you using? I’ve used some similar product (LM2596) to power my pi, which claims to provide a decent current but failed.

Anyone know where to buy these?