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SRXL Spektrum AR8010T support, SRXL2

Hello, I would like to ask if there would be support for different SRXL protocol by Spektrum.
I know they use different version of SRXL.
I have successfully tried AR7700 receiver connected via SRXL port - it works. SPM4649T also works, but I know, this is something different regarding SRXL implementation. When I try to connect AR8010T via SRXL port - i don´t have any input. I asked Spektrum support about SRXL protocol compatibility - and I paste what they replied:
There are checksum differences between the AR7700 and the AR8010T, yes.

You should reverse the bytes of the CRC to accommodate the revised endian of the AR8010T.

You may also want to consider integrating the new SRXL2 protocol, as this is what Spektrum will be using for future products. You can find information at our websites:

The first product supporting SRXL2 is the new SPM4650 drone receiver. This is a short-range telemetry version. A long-range telemetry version is in the works.

Engineers supporting the SRXL2 products will answer questions here:

Any plans for supporting SRXL of AR8010T, or even SRXL2 in the future?

Thank you

SRXL2 is supported in ArduPilot 4.1

Hi, newbie here, What do I need to do to enable it and how would I hook it up? I have the SPM4650. Te reciever has 4 pins, 5v, gnd, and the other 2 im not sure as I have found 2 versions of the manual with conflicting information. One says one pin is rx the other tx, another one says one pin is tx/rx and one no connect. They are labelled S and NC on the reciever. The spkt/dsm port on the flight controller is only 3 pins, which pins do i need to hook up to where? Or do I have to connect it to one of the telem ports for serial? I am not requiring telemetry but would be nice. If anyone has this information that would be awesome, thanks in advance.

Have a look at the pending docs - it explains what you need to do:

@hwurzburg any chance we can get this merged?

This is already referenced in the wiki…as an unreleased feature, in master only, it is under the Upcoming Features/ Future Wiki changes section of the wiki…when a 4.1 release is officially made as a beta, then they will be moved into the main wiki sections appropriately…

Ok, but nothing is merged - what can I point people at?

the wiki points to the PR…like we discussed, a beta wiki might be better IF we can find someway for changes in the current wiki to auto update the beta version…no one’s volunteered a solution yet

I didn’t have any luck with this. Using AR8020T, Pixhawk4 and the beta firmware. I tried multiple UARTs and even changing the ALT BRD ID. I could never get the receiver to calibrate inside Mission Planner. Has anyone else succeeded?

Please post your parameters and a description of how you have wired this up - I’m sure we can make it work

Thanks Andy.
I have a PIxhawk 4 connected to Spektrum AR8020T. My connections are:
Telem1 on PXH AR8020T Bind/Prog/SRXL2
pin1 (VCC) + pin
pin 2 (TX) S pin
pin 6 (GND) - pin

I also have a satellite receiver (STAS010H) plugged into the SRXL2 header on top of the AR8020T. The Spektrum transmitter is bound to the receiver.

I am attaching my param file here.serial1_srxl2.param (15.9 KB)

Thank you!

Looks correct. One thing to try is if this is a listen-only type receiver - set the RC_PROTOCOLS parameter to SRXL2 only and try powering on your TX only after the RX/FC are powered/booted

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