Sprayer control for auto mode

Hi everyone

Crop Sprayer control works well in loiter mode.

But, It does not work in auto mode.
Is there any way to solve this?

Thank you

Couldn’t you use Do Set Servo?

Do set servo works, but I need to reduce the transmitted data for mission.
so, sprayer control is better

I don’t understand what you are suggesting “reduced the tranmitted data”.

The communication speed is slow (wifi), but the sprayer must be turned on and off frequently, there are too much mission data to upload when using the Do Set Servo. and there is also a need to reset the route in flight, so i need reducing the amount of data.

And, could the Do Set Servo adjust the pwm value in real time according to the flight speed? (In my memory, there seems to be only a specific value on / off)

I haven’t solved it yet. Anyone can help?

DO SPRAYER This way point command function has not been written, professional function or should use professional equipment!

Pump spray rate control does work in Auto Mode. You have to start and stop it manually with a RCx_OPTION switch. Try it out in the Simulator it works.