Sport vs cinematic modes

I like to do the majority of my flying is poshold, but I’d also like the ability to switch between two “submodes” that modify the responsiveness of the controllers. One is for more casual, cinematic flying, and the other is more agile and sporty.

Like I mentioned, I like poshold and would like the joystick inputs to be interpreted the same in both submodes, so maybe I’d always stay in poshold and then with a button press it would set a number of parameters that would affect rates and other max limits to make the vehicle more responsive?

If that’s not easily accomplished, I might be able to tolerate switching between poshold and loiter where when I move to poshold it automatically sets some parameters and then sets them back when I go back to loiter. Is there a way to set parameters depending on the flight mode?

Still thinking about the best way to handle it. I’m fairly versed with the source code and am able to make changes there if needed, but I wanted to check with the community if there was an easy way to get what I’m looking for without much code change. Are there any ideas how I could accomplish this?


Loiter has more tunable parameters than Position Hold. I didn’t think many were still using Position Hold since “New” (not so new) Loiter was implemented.

Poshold still feels more natural so I prefer it over loiter. In any case, they are both quite similar. When you say “new” loiter, are you saying it’s been recently(ish) improved/adjusted or it was new when it was introduced as a replacement for poshold?

It was improved some years ago. I think it replaces Position Hold as it’s much more configurable.

Position Hold tune parameters:

Loiter tuning parameters: