SPI communication between Pixhawk and arduino

Hi everybody,
I would need to send some data (attitude, position and velocity) from the Pixhawk to an external arduino.
Unfortunately I cannot use serial4 since it is already occupied by another sensor.
The option I’m evaluating are:

  1. Serial5, but it seems to be attached to the nsh console and I don’t know how to disable it.
  2. SPI connector, but I’m having hard time to understand how to do it.

Concerning option number 1:
How can I disable Serial5 to get it working as a general serial uart?

Concerning option number 2:
Do you have any example code or suggestion to work with the SPI external interface on the Pixhawk?

Thank you.

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Hello @Alessandro
Hope you are doing well.
did you happen to get a solution for this ?

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