Spektrum DSMX bounded to radio but not "recognized" by Pixhawk

Hi guys

I recently upgraded from a Spektrum DXe to a Dx8e. I have been using the spektrum DSMX satillite with the DXe receiver on pixhawk 2.1 with no problem. But after changing from DXe to the DX8e, pixhawk 2.1 doesn’t see the radio anymore. The radio calibration screen is completely blank, even though the transmitter shows a good connection, and the receiver light is solid, indicating a good bind. The screen on the DX8e is showing transmission of different signals too, throttle roll yaw etc.

I’m familiar with RC drones in general, but pretty new at using a fancy transmitter like DX8e. I’m using the transmitter as is straight out of the box, perhaps I needed to do some setting? Or is this a problem with the pixhawk?