Speeding up Log download over wireless telemetry

Is there any way to speed up downloading a log via telemetry? I’m using an mRo 915mhz modem. It takes a long time to download even a small log (500kb) takes more than 20 minutes to download.

How are you downloading the logs? Through mission planner?
The max download rate is of course affected by the baudrate of the connection. Increasing it would help, but I don’t know what the max baudrate is for SiK radios, but most flight controllers support 1500k baud.

Yes through mission planner. The SiK radio supports 57600 baud max.

The 4.0 issues list mentions something about log downloads slowing down if CAN is enabled. Not sure if that’s applicable in your case.

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Ah I hadn’t seen that. I am using CAN. Thanks for the tip.

Add a ESP8266 radio. They are not the speediest for log download either but it’s at least practical. I use them on several craft for general configuration, calibration and log download on the craft where it’s a pain to get to the FC.

Hi @dkemxr have you any problems with interference between WiFi and RC radio, both at 2.4GHz?

Same purpose, different setup here: Using a cheap BlueTooth module (changed settings in AT mode to 57K6 speed and changed the PIN and ID name to “ArduCopter”) on a Serial port configured for MavLink2. No hassle with USB cable or alike. Great for retrieving logs, config changes, calibrations etc. I do not need it for long distance, so this is a bench setup which works great in the shack. FC Firmware updates I still pushtrhough USB, just to be on the safe side.

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Hi Andrea-No, no interference problems that I have noticed. I have these radios on multirotors, a plane and a Rover and see no issues.

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AFAIK you can’t update firmware thru these radios. AUAV, the creator of the PixRacer, initially said firmware updates thru the ESP8266 radio would be a possibility but I have not seen that work.

FWIW I have accidentally and successfully updated firmware over bluetooth in the recent past


OK thanks, good to know!

@andyp1per Good to hear that, then I might just accidentally update through BlueTooth on purpose! Means I can close the USB port on my Pixhawk4 also with ductape to rule out prop pressure on the barometer even further.