Speed in Loiter using OpticalFlow

Speed in Loiter is reduced when an OpticalFlow sensor is used instead of GPS. That’s clear.
But what is the parameter for tuning that speed ???

I confirm the pattern, but I never thought that was a parameter that can be adjusted.

Edit I asked @priseborough on this PR

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Thanks for your answer @ppoirier
My problem is: Loiter works fine, but i can move the copter only very slowly.
Is there no way to speed it up ? strange

It moves slow close to the groud and gradually speed up if you gain altitude (this is why I suspect some non linearity).

I guess with the VL53L0X you must be flying LOW & SLOW !! :slight_smile:

I’m using the new VL53L1X now. It’s range is very good (indoors at least, didn’t try outdoor yet bc of very cold weather)

@priseborough just released an updated opticalflow terrain estimator , looks like it is adressing speed as well

Speed is determined by param value that sets maximum optical flow rate. See EK2(3)_MAX_FLOW parameter. It should be set to within the max rate at which your sensor saturates.

Ok I will try to tweek these values, thanks