Special features request for agricultural drones

Hello everyone.
As you know, agricultural drones are increasing day by day. I think ArduCopter is starting to lag behind in Agricultural Drone. A few settings, parameters, plugins, sections …etc that are specific to the farming drone. Adding it helps a lot.
For example:
1- Continuing the task from the coordinate he left. Not starting from the previous “Waypoint” point.
2- When Battery Failsafe is active, there is no need for On-Off
3- Pump - Speed settings can be made in a separate section without entering the parameter list.
4- Having a separate section like “Initial Parameter Setup”
5- Big Engine (such as Hobbywing X6, X8, X9, X11) - Automatic for Propellers - Recommended PID - Filter parameter setting section. 23 inch - 30 inch - 34 inch -36 inch Propellers .
6- …
7- …
I think it will bring a great usage area and experience to the Ardupilot Platform.

Also, I would appreciate it if those who need it like me add their own comments. In this way, it becomes clearer how great the need is.

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I could not quite understand that, can you explain it better?

You would have to specify all the components of such a section, like maybe pump parameters, and convince someone to implement it.

I’m working on something similar, if it can even be done. It’s difficult to recommend default PIDs for any copter because the the size and weight distribution, component selection, battery and probably even wiring can all make quite a difference.
The “problem” with Ardupilot is it can operate so many different platforms and such a huge variety of components and combinations - that setup and tuning can be complex. Of course this is derived from necessity and demands by users and use-cases.

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Dear @xfacta thank you for your detailed answer.
When the drone RTL in the “Battery Failsafe” state, it does not come out of the “Battery Faisafe” state without removing the battery and putting it back. In other words, even if the drug tank is empty and the battery is not exhausted, it is still necessary to remove the battery and put it back in.

This can be implemented via scripting but might be worthy of exploration as an addition to the navigation codebase.

This seems like a strange request. Are you using battery failsafe to indicate an empty sprayer tank? If that’s the case, I think what you really want is a failsafe that detects an empty tank and performs an RTL function rather than poorly implementing a battery failsafe.

I don’t think sprayer drones are so proliferated as to gain much traction on this request. You might consider forking Mission Planner and adding this to a custom build.

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@Yuri_Rage Thank you.
For the pesticide store, we configure “Battery Monitor 2”.
Sorry, I don’t have any coding knowledge.
The Agricultural Drone market has grown a lot. And it’s monopolized by a few brands. Especially DJI.

Hi all,

I figured I would chime in here as this is my field. My company operates 90% of our business in ag related aerial releases.

The ability to easily resume a mission where you ran out of materials would be a huge advancement. The ability to denote during the flight the point where you command an rtl or stop applicaiton and have that saved somehow, somwhere to modify quickly for the next flight would be very convenient. I use ardupilot for all of my flights but have found that other options out there make the software, GUI and other interfaces uch less complicaited for folks to operate in this environment.

One of the FAA requirements for a part 137 certificate (ag operations) is the abilty of the aircraft to stop spraying or releasing its output when communicaitons between the RC and the aircraft is terminated, resulting in an RTL. I ahve not found an auto off if using a set servo or relay command to output materials during the mission. You can manually do this on your RC but WHAT IF the RC link is severed?

The preceding paragraphs support the original authors points 1 and 2.

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Allowing the user to configure an ADC pin as an “Aux Sensor” and including a parameter to specify units per volt would likely suit a wide range of users. Allowing a configurable failsafe against such an aux sensor seems like a reasonable inclusion.

@iampete, what say you?

@geofrancis, I think you’ve expressed similar desires in the past as well.

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Yes, I think it was for an analogue water sensor to set up a failsafe on a boat, but it ended up being easier to use one with a configurable digital output because it was simpler to connect that in as a button since there was no universal analogue button equivalent.

Ideally it would have something like a ratio, an offset and a trigger value like an analogue version of the button inputs.


@DustinK As someone in the field of Agricultural Drone, thank you for your contribution.
@Yuri_Rage , @geofrancis Thank you

In the meantime, I worked up a Lua script that inserts a waypoint at the location where a battery failsafe occurs and stores its waypoint index in a file on the SD card. If the waypoint index stored in that file is non-zero at boot time, the mission will resume at the inserted waypoint.

I tested in SITL with a fair amount of success but implore you to do the same before implementing this on a large agricultural vehicle. There is an underlying assumption that the path from the takeoff location to any point in the mission will be clear of obstacles. If you cannot ensure obstacle clearance, DO NOT use this script!

EDIT: I updated the attached script to do a modicum of error checking, ensuring the resume waypoint has not changed location.

If there are DO_COMMAND actions required upon mission entry (such as activating a pump relay), then we’ll have to add those to the script as well.

@iampete, any suggestions for script improvement?

copter-mission-resume.lua (4.9 KB)


I am waiting for the contributions of those who make / will make Agricultural Drones with ArduCopter.

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