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Something wrong
Something wrong

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FIrst; do not claim bugs unless you can prove them. - I am in no hurry to review such a post, as I already “know” it must me a PEBCAK error, rather than something really interesting.

First test, your Reciever does NOT stop outputting PPM, incoming PPM is logges as 874micrseconds on all channels, so yes, it needed to end bad.
Verify that the X8R actually ends PPM stream, you should see “0” on all RCIN.Cx

it crashed, because it basically got disarmed midair due to bad setup.

As for test 2:

" Copter 3.1.5 (or earlier) it is important to setup the receiver’s channel 5 failsafe value so that the Pixhawk/APM is switched into RTL"

3.1.5 is very, very old, AND any advise about setting an reciever failsafe to fool around with modes is just bad/last resort. That’s how you get mode changes back and forth as autopilot cannot differentiate between what’s a signal loss, and what’s just your input.

IF your RX is unable to stop outputting PPM, you should use Throttle failsafe.

"according to the documentation the Pixhawk should remain in RTL MODE unless there’s an external intervention."
And this is exactly as it works :slight_smile:

Second test is therefore just user/config error.

Something wrong
Something wrong

It “does not work as expected” due to … not being configured correctly. My bad for mentioning PPM instead of SBUS, but that does not change anything.

In the first case, your logs should have shown 0us on all channels, not 874 (basically disarm position in stabilize) - that is because the autopilot received that input, not lost feed as expected.

in the second case, like I already wrote, making a receiver fool around with mode channel, does not allow the autopilot to know difference between you changing things, or an failsafe, therefore it cannot “remain in RTL MODE unless there’s an external intervention.” - as the RX gets/drops connection it will switch.

This “bug” is like when old people plant their Tesla thru a storefront and claim it “accelerated on it’s own and the breaks not not worked as designed”, while the logs show accelerator being depressed, logged just fine onon both potmeters instead of break pedal being touched…

Whatever my analysis suit your needs or not, this is my last post in this case :slight_smile:

Summary: Make your reciever actually STOP the output, not just output low PWM on all channels. - and then everything works “as expected” - and then there is no “bug”.

As @Andre-K pointed out, your problem is one of configuration, and claiming a bug to get attention for your misunderstanding of your configuration is the issue raised.

It would be more polite to just ask for assistance with your configuration than just claiming “It wasn’t Me”.

The Failsafe area has a lot of variables and it is easy to get tied in knots with the different configurations of what happens when.

The first error (your first crash) was exactly as expected, when the Rx regained signal and switched back to RC control you had the throttle at zero, and in Stab mode that means motors off.
The second error is related to that, again when reclaiming signal, a change of mode occurred.

You need to look very carefully at how you have your Rx configured and whether it is actually doing what you expect.

Berating those that step in to help will not help you in the long run.

Edit: Just noted @Andre-K reply and, yeah, what he said. :grin:
You should note most of all that we help with questions on a purely voluntary basis, often sharing hard learnt lessons with others so they don’t have to go through the learning curve alone.
So please take any criticism in the good natured helpful way it was delivered.

Something wrong
Something wrong

Something wrong
Something wrong