Somebody help me about [ HEXA - H type ]

Hello. I want to build frame like this. I want to shorten middle arm HEXA H frame.

and I found this link

How can I get this frame type.

  1. If I upgrade firmware?
  2. If I change code with this code

Thank you all for taking time

Why you don’t use X frame

you can only downloaded from mission Planner X frame. :smile:

I think you can just use the standard Hexa frame type and settings, and your ATC_ACCEL_P_MAX and ATC_ACCEL_R_MAX will be different.
These PIDs will also be different Roll and Pitch, not locked like for a symmetrical craft.
Follow the tuning guides and Autotune should be able to sort it out.

I have to use H frame for R&D reason.

Thank you for reply raj

I chose hexa-h now. and I will try soon. I will tell you how it works. Thank you for realy Shawn

You say H frame but the pics are X frame - just be aware the motor rotations are different between X and H and the flight characteristics can be different (possibly bad) if you apply the wrong type (X or H) to the physical frame - like applying H frame type when the actual physical frame is an X.

hi haesolkim - were you able to get your H frame configuration working? interested in any updates you have w/ this project