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Some soldering required

(Paul Atherton) #23

Wim, would be good to see some photos of your implementation to try and figure why you are having these issues. Cheers

(Alex Apostoli) #24

Hi Paul,
looks like some batches of those MAX3232 boards do have issues, I have 10 of them that would work, get very hot and eventually burn.
I have found references of similar problems and all ultimately point to defective chips, I guess it’s just a matter of luck :slight_smile:

(Paul Atherton) #25

I just got a batch of 10 and sent one to Wim. I need to test these I guess! Thanks for the heads up Alex.


I found out the same. If I connect the PC to the FC the 3232 get,s very hot. No PC connection via USB no problems, all is working and stays cool.

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #27

These are really a lottery to get good chips. I’m sorry for all the hassle :slight_smile:

(Wim) #28

I also think its a lotery😜
I can try to make a photo, but the only one I have left is the one from Paul :joy: the rest is gone…
The only setup that is working good is with the 2 transistors and 3 resistors. Than I have a super transmitter Thanks to Yaapu :+1:

(Alex Apostoli) #29

you’re very welcome :slight_smile:

(Tomasz) #30

Hi All
I’am going to make cable to connect kakute f7 aio v2 and frsky r-xsr.
I have a few questions:
R-XSR have only one pin for smart port ( no separate GND and VCC pin) So it should be only one wire between max3232 and r-xsr ?
On kakute I have 3.3v output (200 mA max) is it enought ?
Do I have to solder any resistor , diode or capacitor ?
Thx in adavnce

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #31

Sorry, but have no experience with that setup, both the kakute or the r-xsr, so can’t be of assistance.

(Alex Apostoli) #32

An update on my personal “lottery” with the max3232 ICs, I bought 10 genuine TI MAX3232ECDR SOIC-16-N chips and swapped the defective ones I originally had on the boards and now everything works as expected.

The new ICs are cool to the touch even at 5.5V…

The genuine parts are around 2$ each so overall still a very cheap and (now) reliable solution :slight_smile: