[Solved] CUAV Nora Frsky X8R S.Port Telemetry is not working

I use CUAV Nora, Arducopter 4.3 Firmware, Radiomaster TX16S MK2

I connected using the GND pin and TX pin in the TELEM2 port.

I binding the receiver to D16 Telem ON mode.

I also binding to D8 mode, but it does not work.

Change the parameters as described in the Ardupilot Document.


I tried all the methods in the document, but I couldn’t solve the problem.

You might need a 10k pulldown resistor between SPORT signal and Ground wires - unsure in your case but some flight controllers need this

Thank you for your reply. I will try the pull-down resistor and let you know the result.

Problem solved! Thank you very much.