(Solved) Bad Turnigy Plush ESCs?

I have six Turnigy Plush 18amp ESCs. When running motor test in Mission Planner three of them will spin at 5% throttle but the other three require 22% throttle to spin. All of them are programmed the same with the Turnigy programming board. Oh, yes, I’ve calibrated them for high and low throttle. Scratching my head.

This is a quad with a Pixhawk FC (PX4 V2). Arducopter 3.6.4. Latest version of MP.

Any ideas?


Bang my head over and over again to figure this out. Finally post it to the hive and then it comes to me. So, if anyone stumbles across this post in the future…

When “calibrating” the ESCs it turns out I was waiting too long to lower the throttle and the ESCs were going into “programming” mode. I was never properly calibrating the min throttle.



Does the turnigy plush escs work nicely with pixhawk?

In short, yes. I’ve had a lot of luck with them on the Pixhawk quad platforms.


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Thanks a lot Ed.