Solid Green LED on boot 3dr Solo

Hi I have a Solo with the original factory settings by 3dr. It booted fine initially, I was able to connect to mission planner and then I changed the serial2_protocol parameter after writing it I seemed to have corrupted something and it’s stopped booting. On boot LEDs of the solo were just green. And it would not connect to the controller.
I thought it maybe an issue with the SD card on the IMX so I opened it up and re seated my SD Card but it made no difference . I read this post on 3DR pilots which said it could be the parameter that messed up my pixhawk. So I tried to connect the pixhawk with a USB to flip the parameter on mission planner but it would connect and disconnect without giving me enough time to write it. Following the guidelines on the 3DR pilots post I flashed a rover firmware on the pixhawk and then flashed the ardupilot 1.3.1 firmware but it seems to give me error tones on boot and there’s a solid amber light . The LEDs of the solo are still green and it’s still not connecting to the controller . I then tried it with the 1.5.4 from the open solo releases as well although I don’t have open solo on my drone. Both these firmware’s give me error tones on boot and the pixhawk is always just blinking amber.
I then just tried the 3.6.10 copter firmware from MP which seems to boot the pixhawk well and connects to mission planner but it doesn’t talk to the controller . I know it’s not recommended with the stock solo but it just confirmed that it may not be an issue with the pixhawk hardware itself .

Also is there an SD card image for the IMX. In case my IMX sd card is corrupted I can just re image that.
Any help is appreciated
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: