Software in the loop (SITL)

hello, can someone enlighten me what is the difference between Dronekit-SITL and the ??? they both seem to do the same, when should one choose one or another ? thanks

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They are very different…
Dronekit-sitl is ArduPilot simulator SITL packed for dronekit version. is just a python launcher for ArduPilot SITL. It does nothing on its own.
Now, the difference between dronekit-sitl and sitl. That should be just a matter of version. Depending how you compile SITL you could have the lastest version of ArduPilot with the lastest support from Mavlink. But Dronekit won’t use the exact same mavlink messages. So you could have some incompatibility between SITL and dronekit depending on the version used. That why there is dronekit-sitl that ensure that the sitl version will work with dronekit

Thanks… So if i were trying to develop something to control ardupilot…is it better to use ardu-sitl or dronekit sitl first??

Also… If using C programing… One can use Mavlink library instead of dronekit. ?

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