Smoothed IMU data over Mavlink

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to find a way to send smoothed IMU data from my autopilot to a companion computer. Something similar to the CONTROL_SYSTEM_STATE mavlink message.
Is there a way to do this currently?


GLOBAL_POSITION_NED messages have that information

GLOBAL_POSITION_NED does not exist

Correct, if you do not request it, it will not be outputted.

Once you request it, it WILL exist!

I mean it does not exist in mavlink message list Messages (common) · MAVLink Developer Guide
Also I havent found it in Ardupilot codebase
The closest message by name is, I guess, GLOBAL_POSITION_INT, but there is nothing about smoothed IMU data in it (like acceleration)

Thanks for the correction. Yes, I meant GLOBAL_POSITION_INT

No problem. Coming to the original question what do you think from this message can be interpreted as smothed IMU data? Also would be great to have something not tighted to GPS data

yes, AFAIK that is the best position estimate.