Smart Port Telemetry using Frsky X8R and Matek H743 FC

Hi there
I was just trying to get the smart port telemetry over the S port of Frsky X8R and Matek H743 but i dont know whats wrong something is not set ok and i cant get my telemetry.

Anyone who succed to get the Smart port telemtry
I am using Jumper T16 pro and yaapu telemtry widget.

read wiki… Connecting to FrSky Sport and FPort — Copter documentation
on H743 you need the SPort connected to a UART TX and setup UART options for inverting both RX and TX and HalfDuplex…UART protocol to 10 for Frsky passthru

Ok then do i have to use SBUS pins or only the S Port pins Have you succeeded.