Smart audio, vtx control, and fpv cam osd control

I don’t know where to post this and I do hope I’m in the correct place, but I have a few pixhawks running arducopter and arduplane and the systems are perfect but I would love to get smart audio integrated… I would love to be able to control my immersion rc tramp or team black sheep unify pro v3 via osd… Bands, channels, and power output settings, and also my fpv cam osd. Run cam is now building cams with uart input and they sell a uart adapter for the cameras that don’t have it yet. The tbs zero zero v2 is another cam, fat shark is making some now…

Being able to change the fpv cameras osd settings using my transmitter sticks would be priceless! A few of my air frames I have to remove the camera just to get the osd key pad plugged in, and it’s much easier to do with the camera mounted… And the same with the vtx, the days of having to use dip switches are just about gone and now it’s smart audio or uart control or you have to play with 1 button and 2 led lights to navigate the vtx menu to change the band, channels, and power output…

My racing quads have this ability already and it’s real nice! A huge ability… And I would love to see it on my pixhawks which are more than capable to do it, ya know… It would have been nice on more than 10 occasions where I could put pixhawk in loiter and change a wdr settings on my cam because of the sun… My ready made rc anaconda stays in the air for about 2.5 hrs after take off, and allot can change in that amount of time where you might need more vtx power or a fpv camera setting change. Plus you could fly on needed vtx output which limits the onboard noise floor too, why run 800mw if you only need 200 but still have the ability to go up on the fly if need be…

So I hope the right people see this who are the ones capable of adding these features to ardupilot, cuz pixhawk would be even more bad A$$ with vtx and fpv camera control

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Hi there, @tridge has been putting a lot of effort into improving our support for racing quads (including the ChibiOS ports which allows running ardupilot on smaller/cheaper boards). It’s possible that he or another developer might pick this up but it’s hard to say.

By the way enhancement requests normally go into the issues list.

Also I’ve changed the category so this didn’t appear on the front page of Although having it as a blog got my attention at least! :slight_smile:

I’m glad I got your attention, lol… I wasn’t talking about vtx and fpv
cam control in ChibiOS though, I would like to get it on my pixhawk running
arducopter and plane… It would be nice to have “smart audio” on every
platform though since it makes life a bunch easier and it appears like its
going to be the standard method for vtx and fpv cam control…

Hopefully I see the addition really soon, because cam and vtx settings are
the worse part of the hobby in my opinion, dip switches, single push
buttons, and removing your cam to plug in the osd key all just suck, lol…

So please do what you can, I know it’s definitely a good idea or feature to