Small Boards compatible with Ardupilot and GPS

Hello all, I am looking for a Small size board (30x30mm) AIO (all in one) compatible with ardupilot to assemble and small and super-light autonomous copter. Also I would need a GPS

For now my candidates are:

Holybro Kakute F7 and KAKUTE F7 AIO

Mateksys F405-STD

Also I would need a compatible GPS, as small and precise as possible.

I would like to see if someone has used any of them and could give me good advice.

Thanks in adavance.

Have you seen this?

I just did, It was very nice, however he does not talk about the boards I listed.

I use a Kakute F7 AIO in my rover after @ktrussell showed it in his:

It’s in a small form factor which I really like. I have the same gripe as Kenny about the i2c pads though.

On GPS I use the u-blox F9P from Sparkfun GPS-RTK2 board. It’s one of the smaller breakout boards for that chip but might still be a bit bigger than what you want in your copter.

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Look here:

Kakute F7, Kakute F7 Mini, Matek Wings and others, Omnibus boards, all used successfully with Arducopter.

I use this 20X20 on my 3" (sub 250gr) quad:

with this GPS and Arduino’s compass

Did you have to do anything with the F9P?, or was it completely plug and play?
I’ve been waiting to hook up the M9N from sparkfun, as i don’t have ucenter on my laptop, but want to try it out.

I have flown on the MATEK F405 and also use the Omnibus F7. The F7 flys Ardupilot great with the BN-880 GPS/Compass and the Zoon V2/V2 Radios (similar to 3Dr SIK radios). There are definitely some gotchas if you are used to betaflight when configuring to Ardupilot. I had to do some strong google-fu to get the aircraft working correctly, but put together the attached guide of my notes… hopefully it helps.

Had to zip it because they don’t like word docs…
HGLRC Wind5 Configuration (586.5 KB)

Just getting basic GPS out of the F9P is pretty much plug and play and I think is similar/same code path to speak UBX to the M8N. There is auto-detect in

I do ucenter remotely over my companion RPi when I’m not on the bench, but I think you could also use from @tridge and let the flight controller route for you.

Most of my effort with it has been spent in tackling the learning curve to supply RTCM from an on-site RTK base and then using moving baseline dual-F9Ps on my rover for yaw/heading (but I assume you can just use compass on most copters). Lots of great threads here and external resources we can link you to if needed!