Small(400 size) drone. motor burned (motor output log is included)


I try to make indoor drone with two lidar(first lidar is downward for altitude and optical flow, second one for forward(or 360 lidar) to avoidance). However, The two motors was burned and motor output log was fluctuating bottom to top. Copter Specification is below.

FC : pixhawk 2(v3.6.7)
ESC : AK32 4in1 55A (2S-6S)
MOTOR : [X-nova] 2208-1900kv Lightning V2N
PROP : [GEMFAN] Hurricane 51433
BATT : [Dinogy] 1600mAh 6S 130C Platinum Graphene-2.0

this is the motor output 9,10,11,12(aux pin cause only aux support ‘dshot 150’ in Docs) actually, when I try main 1,2,3,4 with pwm , it was same graph like this. used passthough blheli32.

1 1980-01-01 오전 (545.9 KB)

1 1980-01-01 오전 9-00-00.bin.log.param (14.0 KB)

using basic damper(blue) for FC, finished basic tune page in Docs.
Each Motor has plastic damper.
drone fly okay but it twitch a little bit.
and why is acro mode try get level attitude??? (Seems like slow stablize mode)

Next Step


What can I do? Now I cant try longer cause of burned motor. I bought same motors.

Please advise me about this.

Thank you for taking time for this.

You should upgrade to 4.0.x - did you follow the new tuning guide? I would not try with lidar until you have the copter reasonably tuned.

Thank you a lot. I will try it