Skywalker x8 VTOL DIY

I want to make my X8 a VTOL plane.
i have seen this post and i plan on doing the same but i would like to maximize my flight time and my effiency.

i’m using Scorpion 4020 540KV as the main motor and Scorpion 110A as the ESC and pixhawk 4.

What motors should i choose?
What length should the extensions be at?
is the pixhawk 4 better then the pixhawk 2.1 cube (in general and for that specific purpose)?

any tip would be appreciated!

anybody? :upside_down_face:

Why don’t you mimic this build and then experiment on different pusher props for the efficiency you’re looking for. This build you referenced is on its 4th iteration and certainly benefits from experience with previous versions.

Good luck.

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Agree with rollys, follow that one and then share your future improvements :slight_smile: