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SKyDroid UVA and UVC video. Part of the Skydroid Family

(RickyG) #1

Here is the Anchor point for the discussion on the Skydroid UVC receiver.

Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested
(RickyG) #2

@ktrussell the Skydroid UVC system works with Windows 10 and Mission Planner.
Also now have it working on Windows 10 qGroundControl.

Still no joy on the android version…


(cala2) #3

I bought this antenna to replace one and have diversity different ones

(RickyG) #4

@rollys has steered me towards a OTG cable that should work.

(rollys) #5

How does it show up in Device Manager? Is it as a camera or USB Video Device? Once you’ve confirmed, click the QGC icon (top left corner) then in the General tab, scroll to the bottom and click the Video Source pull down menu and choose it there. Close QGC then open it. Click the triple arrow on the bottom left corner and it should show video. Double click the video and it should swap with the map. Hope that helps.

Good luck.

(RickyG) #6

Hey Rolly
Thanks…It behaves a bit strange but it’s working now. I think it was the close and reopen that did it. Thanks man

(RickyG) #7

Thinking of perhaps a mount that attaches to the back of the tablet holder. There is a rectangular opening in the back of the mount where the screw to hold the tablet holder is attached. Thinking something like this could be mounted in that space for the receiver to slide in.

(cala2) #8

I was thinking that too.

(RickyG) #9

My printer is coming early next week. Will start printing and tuning it once I get it setup.
If it works out I will post the STL file for the community to tweak or play with.

(cala2) #10

Under the tablet support with a velcro tie or a rubber looks good with standard otg

(RickyG) #11

Got a couple toys to test this weekend.

Skydroid UAV Single Control Receiver OTG 5.8G 150CH Channel FPV Receiver Video Transmission Downlink Audio For Android phone on the left.

SKYDROID UVA Two Way Control Receiver OTG 5.8G 150CH Full Channel FPV Receiver W/Audio For Android Smartphone on the right.
Still not sure what two way control means.

(cala2) #12

I understand is diversity, it shows you the best antenna signal so you can use two different antennas, for ex a directional patch to fly far and the original omni to fly surrownd or a clover like mine and a patch or what you need.

(RickyG) #13

I don’t think it’s diversity. I think it’s dual receiver, which isn’t exactly diversity.
but still better reception.

(rollys) #14

Have you had the chance to play with this? According to the website photo, it’s not diversity but one’s 2.4 GHz and the other 5.8 GHz? Any idea why or does the paperwork explain its purpose? With the new price drop, I’m seriously thinking of pulling the trigger and deciding which UVC to order with it. Thoughts?

(RickyG) #15

Hey @rollys So there are three receivers on AliExpress that are UVC (a) receivers… The one you show has the built in WIFI transmitter. I have the two that are not WIFI enabled. The first is a single receiver and the second is dual receiver. The dual is the best of the three choices. I chatted with CAO regarding them and he let me know it was the best choice. It’s a dual receiver, not sure if its diversity at least I can’t prove it yet.
It seems to work very well and fits nicely under the tablet. I used ot this weekend and it worked very well. Lastly it’s supposed to support audio transmission as well. Some folk might like that feature.

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