SKYDROID T12 UAV remote control Frome Quanzhou , China

We are SkyDroid, a leading manufacturer of UAV control systems in Quanzhou of China.

We have more than three years’ experience in design, manufacture and field deployment of our cutting-edge drone and UAV total control system.

The Skydroid T12 is our most popular controller, currently deployed by many drone and UAV operators in the areas of agricultural drone operations, maintenance inspections and security patrol drones.

The T12 integrates both radio control and video transmitting with a range of up to 20klm. Data transition can be achieved for flight by mission control at up to 30klms range.

All of this is achieved with a power output of only 100mw allowing for safe and legal operation in most regions.

Skydroids combination of digital transmission, video transmission and remote control all in one has become the hall mark of our brand and is highly sort after solution for rapid integration and deployment in one system eliminating

complex multi-component systems of the past.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to receive further information, we look forward to being not only a supplier but a partner in your future endeavours.

Here is some Youtube video for your reference :


Hi @ChloeH
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You support is very bad and same goes to your respond
I purchased T10/R10 still unable to use it …wrote few email to your support but no respond …its now almost a year having the T10 skydroid which is sleeping The Fc im using jiyi K3++