Skydroid H12- Solution for long rang UVA

SkyDroid H12 series uses newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, equipped with an Android embedded system and advanced SDR technology and super protocol stack, making the image clearer, lower the latency, longer distance, stronger anti-infection, whether it is drones, robots, industrial control equipment, etc. can be applied,It is used to remotely operate helicopters, fixed wings, multi-rotors, vehicles, ships, etc. for video/ image transmission (camera optional), data transmission, telemetry, and control drone flight.

Recently got Skydroid H12.
Ran transmitter firmware update.

Post update, i am receiving frequency maching failed error, while trying to bind receiver

Anyone faced similar issue, please help

About the issues, please kindly contact us at Our team will help you solve it. And thanks for your attention of our Skydroid.

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Can the H12 be connected to other devices (GNSS base station, laptop running Mission Planner)? Either via USB or bluetooth?


had success on or could able to connect H12 transmitter with mission planner running on laptop using Bluetooth as SkydroidT12 done.
i couldn’t able to do that.

Hi! Maybe somebody know the answer. I got H12 and FULL HD gimbal camera (for H12).
But actual video quality is more like 640 X 480 (or even lower), when camera connected to H12.
Changing of “size” in H12 settings doesn’t change anything - in all modes, SD, HD and Smother, video looks same. Any other image settings like “brightness” e.t.c has no effect as well on image.

Video written to SD card is FULL HD. So, issue is only with video broadcast

No luck. The H12 transmitter came with the K1 Swan H-wing, and I have no intention of using it for other models. It just doesn’t seem usable, connectable, or reliable.

@RSUAS what video quality you are getting from camera ? My camera is full HD but quality is very bad.

I’m not really using the camera, as I didn’t find a great way to overlay it on Mission Planner.