Sky Viper journey transmitter

Can a person (sync) a v2450 GPS transmitter to the new journey. I have All of the electronics for the Journey but not the transmitter …if not … What would work? I’m not even sure if ardupilot is even anything to do with the Journey… Thanks

Hi Brad,

Journey is running ArduCopter, yes, but to answer your question about the TX, the answer is sadly no. The V2450GPS and the Journey are 2 different chipsets, looking for their paring partner of the same chipset. While protocols may be similar, the radio chips need to match.

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Ahh, now for the $64 question. Will the Orange DSM2/DSMX transmitter combo bind to the v2700 like the v2450?

What type of transmitter Will work with the Journey electronics and what would I need to do?

It’s not a $64 question it’s a $35 question :slight_smile: Assuming you already have a Transmitter for the module to plug into that is!

Don’t have the transmitter for it nor not sure what I need to do

Or in that case What I need

After establishing if the Journey in fact is on DSM2 protocol like 2450GPS any radio with a module bay should work with the Orangerx module.

Paging Dr MattM is the Journey on DSM2 ……


Ok. Here is my ignorance … What is a module bay? I’ve not been in this for long except for older R/C cars Hell, I still have a Cox P49 motor and use to be use to strings. Lol. I’m semi-retired and really want to get into this … I’ve messed with electronics most my life but the majority was TV’s,vcr’s,stereos … Stuff you could see with the naked eye :thinking:and 1958 Brunswick Pinsetter for15 years and AMF Pinsetters for about the same amount of time AMF had tubes and Brunswick had more relays then I could count … Thank you for any guidance or help that I get from you and anybody else !

I assumed you have a Journey and was looking for an alternative to the stock transmitter. Nothing wrong with the stock transmitter…

I see, you have a Journey and no Transmitter. Try eBay.You are going to spend quite a bit of money on a radio and module to get that $100 craft flying. Maybe sell it and buy a new Journey?

If you want a radio to grow into and use with the Journey a Taranis QX7 would be a good choice. Then you will have to spend another $35 for the module. Again, assuming DSM2 will work.

I just thought since I’d got all new in bags with some other parts that I would just build my own on a frame of my choosing… My granddaughters gave me a gift card to Hobby King for Xmas. I’ll just take a 20 minute road trip and see what they know

Is that a screengrab from “Bewitched”?? Elizabeth Montgomery and Barbara Eden from “I dream of Jeannie” were excellent guides for inspiration during my childhood :wink:

Journey uses open DSM2/DSMX protocols as well, yes. Early prototypes were controlled using an Orange Module on the Taranis.

Didn’t test it like that near release, though, but a few threads have shown people have their Sky Vipers hooked up that way.

Matt I just opened an issue = Cannot Bind after flashing new firmware (waf build)

Do you have a clue ?

Hi there.

Sorry, no clue there.

We haven’t tested with any of the latest firmware builds… only the official firmware for Sky Viper release.

Can you bind when the Official firmware is loaded back on the flight board (arducopter-2018-07-14.abin) ?

Yes, just tried, and it is binding within 5 seconds

Edit : Please note tht I did not needed to bind when loaded the original firmware back

Yep… sounds like a radio binding check isn’t in place.

Hopefully Tridge can make that fix down the line, due to your request.

Nice catch!

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This was an issue I reported a while back in the master branch, but it got fixed. I’m going to try to hunt down where the details are at

EDIT: here it is.

That was related to the 2450 ,note that what I reported above is an issue with the Journey skyviper-f412, and it is not binding at all.
Thanks anyway :slight_smile: for the input

right. but the reasons may be related. a change was made to some #define which the SV depended upon.