Sky viper journey stock TX mod

So today, I had a wild idea after seeing I had 2 good SV 3.7 650 batteries laying around and a dead remote… What if… Just, what if I ran both those batteries in series and put them in my remote cutting slots to expose the charger for both…

Well I did it, it may be in my head, but the sticks feel AMAZING, my SV journey has never responded so accurate.

Would anybody know where I can find a transmitter that works with the Journey??


Flight times are about 4 minutes before the TX kills the 2 batteries… Oh well, It was fun to play around with.

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@1942 your best bet would be to check sites like offer up or Craigslist for someone’s used journey, or invest into a Taranis TX and receiver. If you log in to the drones AP web server you can access transmitter binding and see if you can get another transmitter to bind to the drone .

Turn your drone on connect your phone to the wifi signal, close out of your settings, open browser and input to access the drone webserver

Any Tx that either runs DSM2 or accepts a JR module could potentially work. I use a Taranis with an Orange DSM2/DSMX module to fly my 2450GPS.

What was the point of this “mod”?

It was just something that i decided to do. As I noticed with the 2 lipos in series they drained very fast on the TX but the responsiveness of the drone was quite impressive. I had a few lithium AAA’s I threw in the TX along with the 2 batteries running in series, and flew the quad WAY out of my sight to the point of using my phone to fly it back. I am not sure what the max volt capacity of the TX can handle, but the way I see it, by theory higher volts going in should be able to produce a stronger transmission signal from the controller

Would I possibly be able to bind one my 2450 gps’to it?

Doubtful as there is almost certainly a voltage regulator to the Tx board.

Sure, that’s how I fly my mine. I used the stock Tx for about 2 days. It’s nice as I can set it up the same as my other Arducopter craft. There are some parameters that have to change but no big deal. I use this module.

Some detail here:

I am sure it does, but what is the max?

Hell , I can’t even pull up WiFi on it now