Skidsteering boat


I think it would be usefull if its possible to make a skidsteering version for a boat. In auto is sailing perfect but in manual is turning slowly. For boats, it would be pefect to turn with 2 motors. One in one direction and the other in the other direction. Is this possible? I couldnt find it. It would be great someone can help me with this.

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This is basic functionality for Rover/Boat. It’s configured the same way as a skid steer rover. There are several posters on here using it with either props or thrusters.

One recent thread here:

I know this topic, i read it before. But I Mean when you turn, you cannot do full throttle pivot turns. It’s very easy for skid steer boats. That’s the thing i would like to have.

@tomyy. You in fact can do this.

In this video they are doing pivot turns while they release there throttle so far I can see. It would be nice if it’s possible to do pivotturns full throttle. If it’s possible, how did you set up this?

Skid steering will always reduce throttle on one motor while turning. With full throttle, gradually increasing steering input will slow down the motor inside of the turn and with full steering input, this motor will stop.
The basic mixing algorithm is:
motor1 = throttle + steering
motor2 = throttle - steering
for throttle and steering in a range from -1 to 1 and the output constrained to -1 to 1.

I would think the thrusters or props would cavitate like crazy if each one had full throttle in opposite directions