Skid steering question

I am building a rover boat, with skid steering, my RC has no skid steering, so I disabled skid steering in and enabled skid steering out.
When I drive my boat in manual mode throttle and reverse works, steering also, but when I give full throttle, the steering left and right is very long, almost as nothing happens. Only when i set my throttle in the DZ the steering is good.

Do I need to setup mixing in my RC controller?

Hi Dries,

i dont think so. Did you try to adjust PID gains ?.

I think there is a pull request that changes a few things how the steering / throttle controller works to adress a few issues.

Ardurover skidsteering only uses 50% of the possible throttle range for steering. That means, if your boat goes full forward and you put the stick full left, the left motor will still run at 50% throttle. This results in a very big turning radius. Normally the left motor should stop with full steering input.