Skid Steering PID tuning

I’m trying to tune my skid steering rover following the wiki steps ( ) but I have some problems.
In this video

there is the graph piddesired-pidachieved with the following parameters

I notice that the piddesired values change only when I use the steering lever, why does it appen?
how can I improve the behaviour of the rover?

I also noticed that the parameter gcs_pid_mask has values ​​that refer to the left wheel and the right wheel, these values ​​are related to the pid tuning of the skid steering?


Hi Ru,

I couldn’t view the video for some reason…

It’s normal that the desired turn rate (I’m assuming you’re using Acro) only changes when the sticks move. The actual should move with the vehicle.

The GCS_PID_MASK values for left and right wheel should only be used when tuning the new wheel rate controllers used in the balance bot. This requires a wheel encoder be attached to the motor so probably this feature isn’t useful for your vehicle.