Skid-Steering - Newbie - only left right not forward / backward possible :-O

Hi folks,
next newbie question.

I built up my first rover - with two motors (left / right)
Configuration is set to

  • servo 1 => function 73 (left)
  • servo 3 => function 74 (right)

If I arm now and use stick YAW - both motors turn (depending on left/right) one motor forward and one motor backward. Direction is correct. If I move stick to left, right motor forward, left motor backward.


a) how can I “drive” forward or backward?
b) Throttle stick seems to be “disabled” - if I set from low to high - not happens - no movements

I believe, I forgot some configuration settings :open_mouth:

BTW: inside calibration screen - all stick movements are ok

Pixhawk 2.4.8
Taranis x9d
Receiver x8r

Rover 3.4

OH NOW - I’m an id… - one hour lost :frowning:

I used wrong output channels - every thing one connector right
so servo 1 was on servo 2
servo 3 on servo 4

So, is your problem solved?

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Hi Kenny,
yes based on this topic it’s solved. Now I’m struggling with forward/backward driving.
I’m using MODE2 an my throttle stick for speed (0 (stop) stick is down, 100(up)) for speed, steering, with the right stick.
Unfortunately, I can’t drive backward. Mhm, seems next misconfiguration or I misunderstand this configuration at all

Ardurover expects a spring loaded throttle, so you can drive backwards. So either activate the spring for the left stick, or change the rcmap, pitch<>throttle, so you can do all driving with the right stick. This is what I do. I then use the left stick for gimbal control, where the sticky throttle is useful for permanent tilt.


Oh that’s a good tip with the spring Loaded stick.

Will go further on either my first steps :blush:. I believe it is not my last post :wink:

I have mine the same as @count74 does. And in manual, I can drive forward or backward by moving the throttle control (left stick that is spring loaded) from center, while steering with the right stick. I have actually never tried going in reverse when in Steering mode (where the autopilot is actually controlling the outputs). I will have to try that the next time I use my mower.

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BTW: Mower : this is my mower (in this movie only RC controlled) Goal: using as UAV with Ardupilot (of course)

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It will reverse in Steering Mode. It will be sluggish though. I do it with my boat on accident sometimes. I forget to take it out of Steering and into manual.

That must be a mechanical issue. My rover goes forwards and backwards at the same speed in acro and steering mode.

The turning rate in reverse is far different in steering than manual. Rudders don’t turn as fast and speed is less than manual due to parameters. I’ll have to try Acro one of these days. I do mostly survey grids and periods of loiter with it and have not got around to it. The more
I think of it when I first started using the boat Acro was not available to me which probably explains it

That’s awesome! I went to Youtube to thumbs up and I see I already had and subscribed to your channel! It must have been a while back because I didn’t remember seeing it. That looks like a nice machine. It is definitely screaming for AUTO mode!

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