Skid steering mixage problem

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with mixing my rover in skid steering mode. Indeed, I put each of the two esc on “Throttle left” and “Throttle right”. The rover works correctly except on two points:

  • the first being that on the “roll” which I use to advance the engines respond correctly. However on the “Throttle” which I use to turn there is a certain latency in the control (see video n°1).
  • The second concerns an inversion of the “roll” when I put the handle of the “throttle” to the right. For a short time, the rover will back up before moving forward. This does not happen if we wait a short time between sending the “turn right” command and sending the (forward) command. However, this prevents you from being able to move forward and turn at the same time, which is very restrictive (see video n°2 and n°3).
    I tried quite a few modifications in the “rc_map” but each time there is a direction (forward, backward, left or right) which, for a short time, reverses another path…

Here is my config:
AirUnit V1.1
Orange Cube Pixhawk
Frame: rover
video link :

This behaviour is usually because of double-reversed ESC connections. You’ll need to swap the left/right ESC connections to the flight controller AND reverse the roll channel on your RC controller.