Skid steering Acro mode

Hi all, I’m in the process of tuning my boat and I’m having issues understanding Acro mode for a skid steer setup. Please help me understand this:

In manual mode with a skid steer vehicle, pushing left stick up increases right motor speed and turns vehicle left? Opposite is true for right stick.

But in acro mode how does this work? Does one stick become steering and one become throttle? Can I make it that way? As my controller is an aircraft one with a sticky left throttle I’m having a lot of issues using it for this skid steer vehicle. It’s controllable in manual mode (but the right stick has to move left and right not up and down for some reason) and uncontrollable in acro mode.


I always use the right stick (mode 2 radio) for throttle and steering and the left with sticky throttle for gimbal control.
Set two servo outputs to left throttle (73) and right throttle (74), leave PILOT_STEER_TYPE at default (not “two paddle input”), interchange the channel numbers for RC_MAP_THROTTLE and RC_MAP_PITCH, so the throttle bar in RC calibration moves with the right stick up/down. This should get the RC setup working right.

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ah ok, yes I have the paddle steering engaged (I think that was one of the steps in the wiki) however I’m worried if I change it I’m going to have issues! It’s taken me a lot of tinkering to get it to work so don’t want to mess with it too much. Are you saying you drive a skid steer vehicle using only the right stick?

It’s a lot easier to drive a skid steer vehicle with standard steering configuration. Paddle (Tank) steering is a PITA. I use left stick throttle, right stick steer but whatever suits you.

yes I agree, I didn’t know it was possible, the wiki gives the impression I need to drive it in paddle mode. If I mess with the driving mode and the RC channels to fix this will it ruin my auto mode tuning that I’ve spent so long getting right?

I think not but I’m not sure. I think no matter what you will not want paddle steer so even starting over would be preferable. But I’ve configured a few Rovers and not found tuning to be a big deal.

I would say as long as you do not change the servo outputs (min/max PWM, etc), auto mode should not be affected.

Thanks for the advice guys!