Skid steer reverse test

I am trying to test my wheel motors on my rover, with skid steer layout.
When doing the “motor test” the motors work in the forward direction, but when I try a negetive value (reverse), my motor will continue in the same direction.
I cannot seem to get any voltage on my aux output pins on cube orange+.and have the settings in autopilot to brushed motor.
Not sure what to try next.
Any help would be appreciated.

I think with ardurover firmware, the motor can not reverse will always forward. the 2 motors can steer, but not reverse.

can you tell us what motor controller you are using and what motor type you have ardurover have set to?

@dqsh06 ardurover can reverse no problem

I am using the cytron dual band esc mdd20a with 12v scooter motors. I have since found the solution to this problem. I changed the servo_14function to -1 (gpio) value. This fixed the issue. It was set at 0 when I was having the reversing problem.

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