SJ6 Legend For PIxhawk Autopilot Camera Triggered

What do you think the settings on the camera needed to be set :frowning: Im losing an options tsktsk

I don’t know. I only have an old Xiomi Yi action cam and haven’t used it in some years. Hopefully someone else can help you with that.

I saw this thread with same cam:

He got it work, i dont know how.

The version of my SJ6 Legend Firmware is 1.5.2

Hi @banjing
Try to set

Shutter : servo10

Servo Limits:
Min : 1000
Max : 2100

Pushed : 950
Not Pushed : 1800
Duration : 40

And connect vcc , gnd and pwm to aux2

Hi experts, thank you all for your inputs. I got the camera to work. But manual trigger using my radio transmitter. I used the CH7 and switch that has 3 options. If the switch stays in the middle the camera is idle, is your push it below the video will be triggered. If push above, it will take a photo, and if you live the switch up it will take a photo every 5 after 5 seconds.

I used the MAIN AUX 8 on the Servo output on the Mission Planner and set it to RCIN7, also enable camera_trigger on the CH7.