SIYI ZR10 gimbal camera with ROS

Hi, now I will purchase SIYI ZR10.

My plan is implement UAV with gimbal. But It is not easy to find how to read image and control ZR10 with companion board, not user input such as controller.

My companion board is Nvidia Jetson TX2 with Ubuntu 18.04. Therefore, OS is linux.

In the documentation, I read that If I use UART/UDP SDK, it is possible to control gimbal,
Also, developer already checked gimbal can be controlled with mavlink(But I do not know how to connect with gimbal to fcu such as pixhawk.)

In addition, I read and find that image can be also read in PC through ethernet connection. But there is no case which OS is linux.

I think that above method may be possible to implement UAV with gimbal, but it is hard to find detail manual and somebody who experiences similar case.

Are there any person who implement communicate gimbal to companion or pixhawk?

No as far as I now.

But you can, and should, complain to the gimbal manufacturer.

I already complained.

The more people ask for the feature the better.

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