SIYI Telemetry and RTK Inject

I have SIYI 2.4G datalink telemetry and H-RTK F9P gps. Can I connect my gps to laptop through the telemetry and RTK inject to Mission Planner? I want to use GPS as wireless RTK base? Any suggestions ?

Yes that should be possible. Which version of the H-RTK F9P do you have? Theres the base version with a usb-c port which you can plug into your laptop and connect to in Mission Planner in the RTK GPS Inject menu.

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I have H-RTK F9P Helical and H-RTK F9P Base.

1st method,
I connected gnss base using type-c port to the mission planner and RTK inject working well.

2nd method,
I connected base station to one telemetry unit through UART1 and other telemetry connect to laptop using USB cable. After that select the com port and connect that telemetry to RTK inject. At that point RTK data not received. I set the baud rate as 115200 on GPS uart1 and telemetry firmware updated to 115200 baud rate aslo.

The thing is if I use U-center both methods working well. there is not issue.

Is there way to fix this problem?

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