SIYI MK32 Enterprise Ground Station - 7" Display, 15KM Range, 4G+64G Android, Dual Operator, Abundant Interface


we have tested some mk32 and we have found some issue in one unit.

we dont see the rssi value in qground. In the rest of the mk32, all works perfect. there is some special setup for reading rssi? in the rest of the mk32, the rssi value works well without any setup.

the receiver to the autopilot by rc in and the telem 1 to the telemetry.

It requires a communication channel to display RSSI in QGC, please check if the RSSI channel is occupied

in another drones, we dont have setup any channel to rssi and the rssi signal works in Qgc.

Now, in this drone, we map the ch16 (we dont use it) and map it to RSSI.

and still dont working. any solution?

you have to set it in parameters in arducopter: RSSI_TYPE RSSI_CHANNEL

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MK32 New Firmware Official Release

New Firmware:

MK32 Ground Unit Firmware v0.1.2 svn6564 2023-04-03.bin

Last Version:

MK32 Ground Unit Firmware v0.1.1 svn6286 2022-11-24.bin

Main Updates:

  1. New feature: Now one MK32 ground unit can bind to max five air units and save their model data, then you don’t need to bind to the saved air units again when you switch to them (requires SIYI TX v1.1.232 and above).
  2. New feature: Now users can manually change frequency channels. The change will start to work after binding.

The MK32 has a SIM card slot. Is it possible to transmit Ntrip correction data received via LTE /mobile internet to the GPS on board?


hi Frank

is it possible for the MK32 to use its joystick and buttons in “joystick mode” (i.e. android system sees them as a connected joystick device) so i can configure Qgroundcontrol to override RC by joystick and send input commands through mavlink telemetry, without using SBUS?

I would really like an all in one controller like the mk32 or herelink. Mk32 looks impressive but I can’t find any reviews of people using it. YouTube has a couple unboxing videos and that’s it. Anyone using it? Range? Supported cameras? I assume with the HDMI converter most will work, OR is it limited to 1080 30fps like herelink??

Just getting back in after 18 months and, yes, I would love to hear some reviews on the MK32. I sold my Herelink right before I stopped and was not overly impressed with it as well as the price of each air unit $500!

The Siyi product labeling is kind of confusing - The MK32 HDMI Combo and A8 or ZR30 is all I need to control and receive video?

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MK32 air unit is ethernet input in default
All SIYI gimbals are ethernet output in primary

So you just need an MK32 Standard Combo with any of the SIYI gimbal.

Thank you - If I want an additional receiver which do I purchase?

In addition, I would really like to move forward with trying out the MK32 with the A8/ZR30 but have not seen any reviews of the MK32 in actual use, why is that?

I’d be surprised if there are many reviews to SIYI products since it is popular only in a specific industry among professional customers. Besides, there are already some discussions in this thread, and we do not interfere our customers from posting anything regarding our products. I don’t know if people are obliged to post nice comments when they are satisfied, since there is no many bad comments, I think the product is quite ok.
We will try to reach out for professional reviews. That takes time and I already have too many things to work with at this moment unfortunately.

Apologies, why are Siyi products popular only in a specific industry, what is the industry and what specific limitations or capabilities are we talking about?

the drone industry or the UAS industry
just not as popular as any consumer products

Just ordered the MK32 along with some additional air units and cameras. Will give it a run - thanks again!

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We have 2 mk32 dual operator systems on the way, I’ll try to make a review.

There really is a big lack of public information on the more business oriented UAS products. Because most companies don’t want to pay their employees to make a YouTube video about a product they’re using lol

I do know of at least one company that I have worked with in the past that recently started using the mk32 systems. They seem to prefer it over the SkyDroid H16, and they preferred that over the Herelink. So take that for what it’s worth.

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Hi @SIYI ,

I have the MK32 and a Siyi A2 mini camera (latest fw). I cannot select gimbal in the System-Channel15. Only Light can be selected. I am running the Siyi TX V1.1235.e934a06. I had an identical issue with the MK15 and I upgraded to a “testing” firmware but there is no such version for the MK32.

What can I do? Thank you!

Hi Frank,

How do we update the Android side of MK32? I have two MK32s that arrived today and they have different builds. One is 1.1 the other is 1.0; were can i get the file to load?