SIYI MK32 Enterprise Ground Station - 7" Display, 15KM Range, 4G+64G Android, Dual Operator, Abundant Interface

Yes, they are the same link and is compatible with each other.
In SIYI system, power is not the key factor to range.

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The SIYI MK32 doesn’t appear on the SIYI website.

Has it been discontinued?

This SIYI MK32?

That’s the one.

It’s not on the SIYI website. (at least not this one)

It’s not on 3DXR’s website for sale either.

I’m guessing one of the two websites are either out of date.

Holybro sells it. And of course Aliexpress.

True enough.

When products start disappearing on websites it can mean the product is about to be discontinued. I try to avoid buying discontinued products if possible.

The SIYI Mk32 has an SBUS connector on the bottom - which looks like it might make for the easiest connection over to the HM30.

Does the SIYI Mk15 have the same ability? There’s a “4-pin data” connector shown on the diagrams - but no explanation about what that might be.

Using the Mk15 and HM30 together seems promising. With some basic reading of the docs, it looks like one avenue is “dual control” set up. It might be nice to have something more simple.

One fellow on the SIYI FB group said he uses a standard R/C radio and mounts a R/C receiver with Sbus output on the HM30. Clever - but not very elegant.

I rarely do manual flight - mostly for things like positioning for an AutoTune. And while I haven’t needed to do it, to adjust position during landing phase. Perhaps in most cases just using the MK15 for things like autotunes and the HM30 for automated flights might be the simplest. But requires more expense and gear.

Please refer to as the only official English site of SIYI from now on

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Can you please tell me if the MK15 has an Sbus connector to connect to the HM30?

If not - what is the recommended connection between the Mk15 and the HM30?

MK15 ground unit does not come with direct S.Bus out. You will need its receiver to wire S.Bus.

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becouse Herelink and skydroid use 2,4ghz network? can you do anything other than whining? educate yourself

SIYI MK32 Handheld Ground Station Unboxing

@SIYI Frank, does the MK32 has the same issues on the LAN port as the HM30?

How is it possible to get telemetry data to control the antenna tracker ardupilot.?

MK32 ground unit does not
HM30 ground unit does

What is the difference between the MK32 and the MK32E. MK32E says only 5km range

I think MK32 is 5,8 Ghz and MK32E is 2,4 Ghz.

MK15 is the major model. Working frequency is 5 GHz, of which the long range performance is optimized by massive field tests, hardware turning, and software work. The MK15 link is compatible with HM30 and MK32.
MK15E is prepared for specific market in which only 2.4 GHz is allowed. The MK15E link is compatible with MK32E. The MK15E / MK32E link is not compatible with the MK15 / HM30 / MK32 link. The long range performance of MK15E / MK32E is no better than MK15 / HM30 / MK32.

*E does not stand for Enterprise.

Thanks for the info, we have 4 units of mk32 for testing in our drones.

we have 2 question to the siyi staff:

About the frecuencies… The MK32 works in 5,1-5,8GHz?

About the compliances. The MK32 have CE markings? in the manual, only appears to compliance FCC rules. In the label of the ground station, anything about regulations.

thanks very much

Yes, it is the same link with HM30 and MK15

MK32 should get CE and FCC approval within April.
It is madantory to put FCC statement in the manual while it is not for CE.