SIYI A8 mini 4K AI Mini Zoom Gimbal Camera - AI Identify & Tracking, 4K 1/1.7-inch 8MP Sony Sensor, 6X Zoom

There is another problem that we have been facing in each unit of the A8 mini gimbal.

When a command is given towards one direction, say yaw left, it keeps on moving in yaw left until the endpoint, and likewise in each axis.

We are using UART (telem) connections with Pixhawk to control the gimbal. The firmware in the gimbal is 0.3.4 right now, although, the problem stays the same in older versions as well.

The transmitter that we are using is SIYI MK15, we have assigned roll wheels on its shoulder for pitch and yaw control.

Kindly help us solve the problem right away since we are planning to purchase more units of A8 mini, but with this issue persisting, it would be difficult for us to proceed ahead.


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Hi Bhardwaj,

Im using the Siyi A8 and the SIYI MK32 also using the shoulder roll wheels for the yaw and pitch on the A8,and they move and stop as they should,what made a big difference for me was setting the rc in Ardupilot SIYI setup down from 90 to 25,I have the zoom working but basically I just get bottom middle and full on that function

I didn’t quite get your reply, can you please elaborate a bit more? (setting the rc in Ardupilot SIYI setup down from 90 to 25)


As we know the siyi a8 mini camera doesn’t support Zoom on 4k resolution, also the camera resolution can only be changed through siyi fpv app, is there any way to integrate that feature in qgc app itself??

Firstly I use 2K resolution to get Zoom,and the parameter in arducopter to lower is MNT1_RC_Rate this improved mine,sorry I dont know anything about QGC am a Mission Planner guy.

I assume that you are using ArduPilot commands to control the gimbal, right?

Yes we are using Ardupilot firmware

Are you strictly following the commands here?

If so, please summarize all your configuration and send to We will help you check there.

I know this camera is rather economically priced. I had almost purchased last year but waited, and glad I did. It seems customers are being used as beta testers, with a constant pushback of “Did you try the latest firmware?”, yet still many remaining and somewhat random issues.

I know this question isn’t directly on-topic, but given many here have or currently are dealing with frustrations about this camera, does anyone know of a somewhat similar solution, even at a slightly higher price, that works as it should out of box?

I should say I certainly wouldn’t mind being a beta tester, but not for shelling out retail price. This thread was started by SIYI well over a year ago and yet there there were, and still are, many issues that should have been fixed before it was even released. I was extremely excited when I first saw this as it was a seemingly perfect solution for my platform yet I don’t feel I can trust the hardware or the company enough to commit. I understand the Ardupilot side having to catch up, but not the camera side.


Nice opinion, Bryan.
And this is exactly why this post exists and keeps updating, which is to show everyone the honest build quality, working status, development updates, etc, so that who are interested can easily decide if it is a appropriate choice for them.

As the representative of the manufacturer, I need to say that we did expect that the camera can be a good solution for certain customers / scenarios. It turns out the real scenarios are out of our expectation somehow. What we have been doing since the start of this post is to work for the latest expectation as much as the hardware allows.

Warmest thanks to the developers and to the community.

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Hi Everyone,

Recently picked up this camera for multirotor operations with a companion computer.

What is the suggested output solution for using the video on a companion computer?

I have been testing RTSP and it has a very high latency (1+ sec) on a PC and even higher on the companion computer a Jetson nano.

Would a better solution be to use the micro HDMI or CVBS?

I am looking to ingest the video for opencv projects. I am using the latest firmware available on the siyi site.


I have tested this camera recently and I must say that I was surprised: the latency over RTSP is quite good, around 100ms.
Try using specialized player or GStreamer.


@SIYI Is it possible to connect an A8 mini and an A2 mini cameras at the same time to the ethernet port of the herelink air unit and just change rtsp link in QGC to change video source?

Yes it is very possible and is something that we do regularly for our customers that need dual camera setups.

That is good news! So just to make sure do I just do Y connections in all pins (Rx+, Rx-, Tx+, Tx-)?

No, that’s not how ethernet wiring works.
You need to use a hub or switch device to connect your 2 cameras to the Herelink Air unit’s ethernet port.


Do you have a hub or a switch you recommend?

No, but any ordinary 100MBit mini hub should do the job.

Cheers, Wolferl

SIYI provides the switch to do exactly this.

Sorry my knowledge about ethernet is not much.

So if I use the ethernet hub how do I change the camera that I want to see in QGC? Is it just changing the rtsp link and the hub manages everything? Or do I need another external connection to the hub to manage the change of camera like what happens with hdmi switches? Thanks